Strategies to Bring back your Thesis and Career on track

Strategies-to-Bring-back-your-ThesisMany of the doctoral students struggle to get interview calls from good organisations just because they are not able to express their interest and talents through their resumes and cover letters. If one refuses to analyse the various career opportunities in graduate school, it will be highly challenging to promote oneself in job search. Read more...


Tools that help students focus on work

key_software_toolsIn the previous two parts we had seen about the tools that help students for their research and note taking sessions. In this article we shall deal with a project tool and tools that can make students focused on their work.

How to work with Slack?

To begin with, we will look at the functions of the Slack tool. The primary goal of the Slack is to aid team members to share the work in the project. This online tool functions across barriers and there are two ways one can benefit from this tool. The first advantage Read more...


Tools that help Students to Improve their Grades

impove-gradesIn the previous blog we had discussed the tools that help in taking notes. Yes, we agree that in today’s competitive world every student is keen on improving their grades and also technology also has helped in by introducing applications to improve grades.

The following tools given below are the commonly used tools to improve grades:

Writing Essay:

Are you on the process of writing academic content? Well, this is the toughest aspect of passing out of college. One could never complete the high load of assignments and reviews with very tight deadlines. However, it is never too late with advancement in Read more...


Importance of Professional Editing

editorAre you in the process of writing and submitting your dissertation? Are you checking it for errors, spelling mistakes or grammar? Are you confident enough to submit your dissertation? If not, contact us at Express Dissertation for help with respect to professional editing services.

Importance of editing

Well, it is important for every student to nt only submit a thesis or a dissertation but also to submit it in a professional way with very minimal errors. However, in today’s fast world people do not check them sufficiently leading to negative marks. This in turn wanes the confidence of students. One of the major Read more...


How to stay sane through your thesis submission

thesis-submissionAre you someone who is enthusiastic about pursuing PhD, but are you trying to maintain your sanity through the course? Do not ponder too much; we are here to give you helpful tips that will help you keep calm through the research process.

One thing to be remembered is that the discipline you work doesn’t matter when it concerns anxiety disorder or depression. However, the major question is that why are most PhD students unhappy and dissatisfied in life. There are many factors that contribute to this and these are given in the section below. It is not actually a tough thing to bring a Read more...


10 Steps to finishing the PhD thesis

phd-thesisAre you a PhD student who is in the final stage of writing your thesis? We know how tough it is to compile results obtained from years of work and that is we at Express Dissertation offer you valuable tips with which you can write your thesis.

When writing a thesis paper in the final stage, one should ensure that they satisfy the requirements laid out by institution. For instance, the researcher must make sure about the spacing, word and page limits and other basic formatting from the university to save himself from last minute stress. The next tip is to consider the PhD as a apprenticeship assignment and write it in a simple way because one is not expected to write a novel here. The third tip is to always write the introduction of the thesis at the Read more...