Methodology Writing for Dissertation

graph-296x300Are you starting to write your dissertation? Are you ready with the materials for writing the methodology? Well, if you are not it is important to remember that methodology forms a vital part of the dissertation or thesis and this is not what the materials and methods state.

What does the methodology section detail?

It explains broad philosophy behind the chosen topic of research methods and details whether one is using what type of methods such as qualitative or quantitative or a good mix of both and justifying the same. However, it is important to be clear about the academic base for all the choices of research methods that the researcher has made.

Contents of Methodology:

If you are submitting your thesis as different sections, with the methodology submitted before one actually performs the research study, one should use this section as a guideline to streamline the entire dissertation. Moreover, one has to ensure that after the methodology section is written, the contents should be connected back to the literature stated and one has to justify the methods and the experiments used in the research.

If one is submitting the entire material as a single thesis, then the methodology should clearly detail the efforts put in by the researcher, any adjustments made in values obtained, how the work progressed and the steps involved in arriving at a conclusion. Additionally, it should have a clear and evident justification that strengthens the choices made by the researcher.

How to write out the methodology?

To start off, one has to take help from the college library or university and recognize standard research methods and such books would aid in structuring one’s research methodology and then accordingly choose methods corresponding to the research.

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