Importance of creating a writing schedule for PhD Completion

phdAre you completing your thesis anytime soon? Are you under pressure due to lack of time? If yes, you are not the only one experiencing this, this is a common problem among most students! This blog post would give you an insight to manage your time efficiently and to use it effectively to arrive at fruitful results.

The main reason as to why we suggest students to create a writing schedule is that it makes people know the value of time and helps them spend more time towards things that are important enough. One more benefit of this writing schedule is to aid in giving time for leisure too among the busy schedules of thesis completion. Although this method may seem primitive to most of the students, this is the best way one can plan their daily routine to help achieve better results. Read more...


Essential Tips to Complete a PhD

phdAre you planning to start your doctoral degree? Are you mentally ready to accept the stress involved in completing one? If yes, we, at Express Dissertation provide you some quick and vital tips to deal with this major step in life.

There are many tips that we offer to students who are interested in completing or joining their PhD course, however, out of which only three are majorly important. The first being, it is important for every student to set a deadline, that is one should not venture into this course unless one wants to complete this till the last step. So, in general when a student plans to complete his or her degree, he or she should know it takes a long time maybe 4 to 7 years. Read more...


10 Steps to finishing the PhD thesis

phd-thesisAre you a PhD student who is in the final stage of writing your thesis? We know how tough it is to compile results obtained from years of work and that is we at Express Dissertation offer you valuable tips with which you can write your thesis.

When writing a thesis paper in the final stage, one should ensure that they satisfy the requirements laid out by institution. For instance, the researcher must make sure about the spacing, word and page limits and other basic formatting from the university to save himself from last minute stress. The next tip is to consider the PhD as a apprenticeship assignment and write it in a simple way because one is not expected to write a novel here. The third tip is to always write the introduction of the thesis at the Read more...


How to write a literature review?

literature reviewAre you finding it challenging to gather literature for review purposes? Have you ever thought about the steps involved in reviewing literature? If yes and you are in doubt, stop your search here!

The main objective of the literature review is to show the reader or your mentor as to how much you have read about the topic of research and whether the published work is relevant to prevailing literature. This review could be in any format that mainly includes online sources. Mostly such literature reviews are guided by the research goals that will serve as a foundation to your further work. Read more...