Tools that help students focus on work

key_software_toolsIn the previous two parts we had seen about the tools that help students for their research and note taking sessions. In this article we shall deal with a project tool and tools that can make students focused on their work.

How to work with Slack?

To begin with, we will look at the functions of the Slack tool. The primary goal of the Slack is to aid team members to share the work in the project. This online tool functions across barriers and there are two ways one can benefit from this tool. The first advantage is that one can work with classmates easily on team projects. This tool motivates students to work on them and avoid them straying away from topics. Moreover, one can arrange virtual study groups and select a few smart people to be in the group and obtain help for assignments and exams.

Tools used for Focusing

There are two types of commonly used tools such as Tomato Timer and Mind Genius which are used mainly to help students focus on their projects.

Tomato Timer:

It is a known fact that the more one tends to pressurize themselves to study or work on a project continuously without a break or sleep, they can find it tough to attain the needed productivity levels. However, it is human to get tired after a point of time and people tend to sleep off. But, with Tomato Time, every student will understand to respect the mind’s productivity patterns and capacity. This online application measures the time taken and reminds the student to take a working session of about 25 minutes, followed by a small 5 minute break to refresh themselves.

The next tool that is used is the Mind Genius, which is a multi-purpose tool that helps one get new ideas, plan and visualize projects and manage tasks. One can use it to manage their schedule and meetings well. Mind Genius enhances the ability to collaborate better with team and helps one to plan and concentrate on different projects.