Strategies to Bring back your Thesis and Career on track

Strategies-to-Bring-back-your-ThesisMany of the doctoral students struggle to get interview calls from good organisations just because they are not able to express their interest and talents through their resumes and cover letters. If one refuses to analyse the various career opportunities in graduate school, it will be highly challenging to promote oneself in job search. Read more...


Why Research Students should engage in Networking with others?

networkingAre you a research student entering your dissertation phase? If yes, it is time you realize the importance of networking with other students in your class or campus. So, we at Express Dissertation provide a few tips on why and how to network with others and its benefits.

Why should you Network?

We understand that most of you are so focused on the thesis or research work Read more...


Tools that help students focus on work

key_software_toolsIn the previous two parts we had seen about the tools that help students for their research and note taking sessions. In this article we shall deal with a project tool and tools that can make students focused on their work.

How to work with Slack?

To begin with, we will look at the functions of the Slack tool. The primary goal of the Slack is to aid team members to share the work in the project. This online tool functions across barriers and there are two ways one can benefit from this tool. The first advantage Read more...


Tools that help Students to be Successful

format-with-classic-menuThere is nothing uncommon in the struggle a student faces while completing the homework. Are you having a deadline for your homework? Are you competent enough to finish it and earn good grades? Are you looking out for some helpful tools available in the market that can aid in completing your work smoothly? Do not worry, we at Express Dissertation give you a broad overview on the available tools for being successful at completing homework.

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Methodology Writing for Dissertation

graph-296x300Are you starting to write your dissertation? Are you ready with the materials for writing the methodology? Well, if you are not it is important to remember that methodology forms a vital part of the dissertation or thesis and this is not what the materials and methods state.

What does the methodology section detail?

It explains broad philosophy behind the chosen topic of research methods and details whether one is using what type of methods such as qualitative or quantitative or a good mix of both and justifying the same. However, it is important to be clear about the academic base for all the choices of research methods that the researcher has made. Read more...


How to use advertisements for research purposes?

advertisementAre you in the process of gathering sources for your research? Are you stuck with the choice of resources available? Well, apart from journals or books or online databases, advertisements can be used a good source of primary information. Let us go on to see how!

What are advertisements?

Advertisements are primarily used by different products or brands to promote themselves in the market. Why this could be useful for gathering information? Yes, advertisements could give us a Read more...