Dissertation Editing Services- Part II

dissertation-editingThese dissertation editing services provided by Express Dissertation Services are mainly formulated to satisfy the various requirements of thesis and doctoral students who want to achieve good clarity in writing.

How do we help you?

One has to remember that the dissertation is a very vital part of one’s career and it is a stepping stone to the research gateway. It symbolises the years of hard work and preparation that a student puts into his or her work. It is human to err is a common saying but let’s face it. We Read more...


Tips to save yourself when you are stuck while writing your dissertation

writing-tipsAre you feeling lost while writing your dissertation? Are you feeling lonely and stuck and not able to arrive at any conclusion? Do, not worry!! We, at Express Dissertation are here with our expert team of counselors to provide you advice on how to deal with these situations.

The most commonly dealt topic these days in our organisation, is what to do when one is stuck in the dissertation process. Lately, since most of the students faced similar issues, we have decided to offer a few tips with which you can solve your issues. Read more...


Never complete dissertation work when on a vacation

chapterIt is every student’s general tendency to have a fear when the date of dissertation submission arrives. However, we at Express Dissertation feel that students should take a break and resume work after vacation instead of working in a vacation. This may lead to a double loss, first the loss of quality time of a break needed and second the loss of concentration on the work done.

So here we offer you a few tips on why you should not take your dissertation work to a vacation.

While taking your laptop, dissertation materials, books on a vacation with a bleak idea that you can work in your free time, you are wrong. You are in fact carrying more luggages and spoiling the entire quality time to be spent with your friends, Read more...


Is my dissertation topic too broad

dissertationBroad topics of dissertation

Are you planning to complete your dissertation soon? Have your reviewers given the comment that your topic of dissertation is too broad? Well, this is one common issue that every researcher faces, but remember one thing it is always easy to broaden a topic than concentrate on one small topic.

Most of your supervisors do not have the time to explain these problems and they seldom will help you in this regard. Due to the fact that this is an individual perception or a tricky thing to do, we will try our best to help you at this stage. We, Read more...


Tips to complete your dissertation: Part 1

dissertation-tipsAre you one of those PhD students who are on the process of writing your dissertation? Are you lacking motivation to write your thesis? Your search ends here; we are here to give you some quick tips and tricks that will be useful to you and your dissertation work.

We completely understand that the dissertation is a major part of your life and we know how stressful it is to people, that is why we have come up with tips and tricks to help you complete your dissertation in a three-part blog.

The first and foremost tip is to keep writing on a daily basis and write them sooner as this dissertation writing can pose as a bigger headache as time passes by. It is a rigorous process and your entire graduation and career are based upon this. Read more...


No Fail Formula for dissertation

formula-dissertationAre you in the process of taking up dissertation work? Are you struggling to keep your efforts to finish a dissertation? Do you know that we can give you certain tips to make you motivated to finish your dissertation?

Yes, there is only one method that has been proved to be the most successful secret that one needs to following while doing a dissertation: it is to write and keep writing. There are actually no shortcuts for this and one must stick to deadlines while submitting and one must religiously practice to write everyday to avoid any last minute rush. Read more...