Never complete dissertation work when on a vacation

chapterIt is every student’s general tendency to have a fear when the date of dissertation submission arrives. However, we at Express Dissertation feel that students should take a break and resume work after vacation instead of working in a vacation. This may lead to a double loss, first the loss of quality time of a break needed and second the loss of concentration on the work done.

So here we offer you a few tips on why you should not take your dissertation work to a vacation.

While taking your laptop, dissertation materials, books on a vacation with a bleak idea that you can work in your free time, you are wrong. You are in fact carrying more luggages and spoiling the entire quality time to be spent with your friends, family or spouse. With our advisors vouching for the fact that most of them do not even touch their dissertation materials during such vacations.

So, in such situations, the ambivalence is what matters as to where one is (on a holiday or in office). Being ambivalent leads to a scenario where the person is not spending quality time on both (dissertation writing or holidaying). This destroys the whole meaning of being on a vacation.

Tips to counter ambivalence:

One should know how to plan the dissertation writing if he or she is going on a vacation and set goals accordingly.  Before leaving for a vacation make a note of completed things and a list of to-be completed things for a clear understanding on returning back.

Ensure that you finish a major chunk of work before leaving out, this reduces the workload after you come back from vacation.

Plan your vacations in a way that none of your submission or review dates clash and never carry any of your dissertation materials with you.

It is important for everyone to have a break in life from the duties and responsibilities in life, hence if you are on a holiday, focus on it completely.

For more tips and counseling on how to plan your writing process, feel free to contact us at Express Dissertation Services.