How to use advertisements for research purposes?

advertisementAre you in the process of gathering sources for your research? Are you stuck with the choice of resources available? Well, apart from journals or books or online databases, advertisements can be used a good source of primary information. Let us go on to see how!

What are advertisements?

Advertisements are primarily used by different products or brands to promote themselves in the market. Why this could be useful for gathering information? Yes, advertisements could give us a deeper insight on what the product does and how the brand is placed in the market. However, they also provide an insight on the culture imbibed and the business too. The advertisements act as a good source of information apart from mere research on history, woman’s studies, psychology, Afro-American history and more.

Questions to be asked before using ads:

Yet, before one starts to use advertisements for research purposes, the researcher needs to answer a few questions based on this type of information source. A few of the questions that are to be answered are who the target audience is for the advertisement, whether the ad targets existing (old) or new customers, does it possess any sort of emotional element, how does it attempt to capture the attention of the public.

After answering these questions, the next step is to analyse the answers obtained and derive an explanation that will be helpful for the research. The next step after this would be to understand how the advertisements can help in research writing.

How ads help in research writing?

The advertisements can be used to obtain public opinion on a brand or product that the researcher is studying. Hence, it would be really useful to use advertisement as a medium to gather public views for one’s research on any topic ranging from historical studies to new-era products or brands.

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