Tools that help Students to be Successful

format-with-classic-menuThere is nothing uncommon in the struggle a student faces while completing the homework. Are you having a deadline for your homework? Are you competent enough to finish it and earn good grades? Are you looking out for some helpful tools available in the market that can aid in completing your work smoothly? Do not worry, we at Express Dissertation give you a broad overview on the available tools for being successful at completing homework.

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10 common errors made while writing assignments

errorHave you been given an assignment and you had scored really low? Are you stuck on the errors you had made on your assignment? Are you struggling to correct those errors?

To err is human, especially when it concerns essays and written assignments, students usually make numerous errors while writing essay or submitting assignments. This may in fact affect their marks and evaluation. However, it is actually easy to prevent and carefully avoid these errors. This actually requires good concentration and sufficient time. To start with the first of all the common errors committed are spelling, grammatical and formatting errors. Read more...


Written Assignment : 8 Steps of Writing an Assignment

assignment-writingHas your professor given you an assignment task and you don’t know how to write it! Do not worry we are there to give you guidance on the same.

Universities generally make their students write assignments as a part of their evaluation pattern and it usually is a part of their coursework. Assignments are considered more of an academic test and not a mere presentation of facts and information. Read more...


Technicalities in a marketing assignment

marketing-assignmentMarketing is generally termed as sales. Marketing assignments are usually given to the students for them to exhibit their talents in the field of commerce. Every term is evaluated with a different coursework such as an essay project etc. There are different factors that affect the marketing assignment depending on the institution and division of education that you have selected. Assignment writing plays a very important role in a student’s life. One should be very careful while handling his or her assignments as it decides the fate of the particular candidate. Read more...


How to get help for your homework assignment

Home work assignment provided to students is a part of the extra learning given to students. This is used to evaluate how well the students understand the classroom lessons.

my-assignment-helpSince there is a very strong competition the student is expected to perform in all the given categories based on studies. Hence finishing homework with the objective of scoring well should be the ultimate goal of the student. Hence the aim of learning will not have an end and to acquire this, a variety of assignments are assigned to the students that are to be completed from their houses and submitted to their teachers within the given time frame. Read more...


Methods to write an Assignment

An assignment is a task that you have been assigned to do as a part of your course or study.

MBA assignments a tough gig
Assignment WritingMBA assignments often give high level of importance to writing and communication skills and these skills are majorly evaluated using research papers and other writing assignments. Writing MBA assignments writing is a very complex process as it has a lot of complicated material to cover and produce. This can be made possible by prior preparation and considering the advice of mentors etc, In case you are not able to crack the topic you can use MBA assignment writing tips from other experienced experts who are available. Read more...