Why Research Students should engage in Networking with others?

networkingAre you a research student entering your dissertation phase? If yes, it is time you realize the importance of networking with other students in your class or campus. So, we at Express Dissertation provide a few tips on why and how to network with others and its benefits.

Why should you Network?

We understand that most of you are so focused on the thesis or research work Read more...


Principle of Research Ethics

research-ethicsDo you know that there is something that you might forget while writing your thesis? Stop wondering on what that is! It is ethics that have to be followed when performing research at any level of graduation. Well, in this section we shall understand why research ethics is important to research and the various principles involved in it.

To start off, the ethical principles should be beneficial to the researcher and people who read it and do no harm or non malfeasance. However, in practice these ethical principles imply that as a researcher one needs to get a written Read more...


10 Steps to prepare a questionnaire?

questionnaireAre you struggling to design a questionnaire for your research? Are you aware of the various parts of a questionnaire? Do not worry; we are here to help you.

There are ten basic steps to create a questionnaire that will be explained in detail in the paragraph below. The first step is to clearly write out a protocol as this step helps in familiarising with the literature and point out the objectives. The next step is to chart out a plan of analysis and this explains as to how the previous step has to be assessed and what the statistical analyses to be used are. Read more...


Primary and Secondary research

researchAre you confused about what are primary and secondary sources? Are you doubtful where to use which type of source? Do book an appointment with us at Express Dissertation!

Market research can be classified as either primary or secondary in nature and the former is the new or innovative research that is performed to answer certain research questions and it consists of questionnaires, interviews and surveys. Read more...


How to avoid plagiarism in research?

plagiarismHow good are you at writing content for research papers and journals? Have you ever wondered the importance of plagiarism and why it happens? We give you expert solutions to relieve this stress. There are few steps in the following paragraph that will explain the ways to avoid plagiarism in research.

To start off with, when writing a research paper we tend to look over various sources in the Internet for information to be incorporated in our papers, however it is not as easy as we think because the hidden trap is plagiarism. Read more...


Research Tools: Focus group discussion

group-discussionHave you ever wondered what focus group discussions are or why they are held? How are focus group discussions useful for research? We, at Express Dissertation are here to help you out in this regard.

One of the good and authentic ways to collect people hailing from similar backgrounds or with similar experiences to discuss intensely on a particular topic is focus group discussion (FGD). This group is usually moderated by a group facilitator who brings in a discussion topic and triggers the group to participate actively and bring up a discussion. Read more...