Secret of writing a good Dissertation

tipsAre you a student writing a dissertation or planning to write one? Are you interested to write a good dissertation that will fetch you good grades? But, you aren’t sure as to what makes a good dissertation and you are in search of some tips.

So students, the only fail-proof method and one secret that every student needs to follow in order to complete their dissertation is to write and write till perfect. Yes, we know that you all must be disappointed to hear this, but yes this is the only solution to your dissertation writing process. Writing not only refers to Read more...


Tools that help Students to Improve their Grades

impove-gradesIn the previous blog we had discussed the tools that help in taking notes. Yes, we agree that in today’s competitive world every student is keen on improving their grades and also technology also has helped in by introducing applications to improve grades.

The following tools given below are the commonly used tools to improve grades:

Writing Essay:

Are you on the process of writing academic content? Well, this is the toughest aspect of passing out of college. One could never complete the high load of assignments and reviews with very tight deadlines. However, it is never too late with advancement in Read more...


Dissertation Editing Services- Part II

dissertation-editingThese dissertation editing services provided by Express Dissertation Services are mainly formulated to satisfy the various requirements of thesis and doctoral students who want to achieve good clarity in writing.

How do we help you?

One has to remember that the dissertation is a very vital part of one’s career and it is a stepping stone to the research gateway. It symbolises the years of hard work and preparation that a student puts into his or her work. It is human to err is a common saying but let’s face it. We Read more...


Group Coaching Services for Dissertation

coaching-servicesAre you in the process of writing your dissertation? Are you de-motivated to pursue your dissertation due to external pressures and deadline? Do not worry; we are there to help you deal with these in an easy manner!

Group coaching is the new method to help students facing the brunt of dissertation submission. Through this model, a coach is entitled to counsel and advise various students over phone lines and they are assured of high confidentiality. The group of students are to pledge that there will be no competition among them. The main benefit of this approach is that one can achieve the necessary results in very less time and it helps the coach understand different student behaviours. This Read more...


Importance of Professional Editing

editorAre you in the process of writing and submitting your dissertation? Are you checking it for errors, spelling mistakes or grammar? Are you confident enough to submit your dissertation? If not, contact us at Express Dissertation for help with respect to professional editing services.

Importance of editing

Well, it is important for every student to nt only submit a thesis or a dissertation but also to submit it in a professional way with very minimal errors. However, in today’s fast world people do not check them sufficiently leading to negative marks. This in turn wanes the confidence of students. One of the major Read more...


Importance of creating a writing schedule for PhD Completion

phdAre you completing your thesis anytime soon? Are you under pressure due to lack of time? If yes, you are not the only one experiencing this, this is a common problem among most students! This blog post would give you an insight to manage your time efficiently and to use it effectively to arrive at fruitful results.

The main reason as to why we suggest students to create a writing schedule is that it makes people know the value of time and helps them spend more time towards things that are important enough. One more benefit of this writing schedule is to aid in giving time for leisure too among the busy schedules of thesis completion. Although this method may seem primitive to most of the students, this is the best way one can plan their daily routine to help achieve better results. Read more...