Why Research Students should engage in Networking with others?

networkingAre you a research student entering your dissertation phase? If yes, it is time you realize the importance of networking with other students in your class or campus. So, we at Express Dissertation provide a few tips on why and how to network with others and its benefits.

Why should you Network?

We understand that most of you are so focused on the thesis or research work Read more...


How to use advertisements for research purposes?

advertisementAre you in the process of gathering sources for your research? Are you stuck with the choice of resources available? Well, apart from journals or books or online databases, advertisements can be used a good source of primary information. Let us go on to see how!

What are advertisements?

Advertisements are primarily used by different products or brands to promote themselves in the market. Why this could be useful for gathering information? Yes, advertisements could give us a Read more...


Help to writing annotated bibliographies

annotatedAre you in the process of writing an annotated bibliography? Are you aware of what is to be included in this type of writing? Do not worry, we are here to guide you and give you the best.

When you order an annotated bibliography with us, it is compulsory to remember that these annotated bibliographies are very different from the other types of writing that are related to academic services. It is usually more than normal academic papers that you write every year or every semester as it has to analyse the sources that one uses in research.

As we are familiar with the challenges that the students face while writing a custom annotated bibliography, we are here to offer you help in this respect and because we have experienced people who Read more...


Semi Structured Questionnaire

questionnaireDoes your research demand you to construct a semi-structured interview? Are you stuck with ideas on how to deal with it? Do not ponder too much, just contact the team at Express Dissertation, we shall help you.

A qualitative method of gathering data that usually merges a pre-established set of questions that trigger discussions with the chance for the interviewer to probe into more themes is referred to as a semi-structured interview. One benefit of this type of interview is that it does not restrict Read more...


10 Steps to prepare a questionnaire?

questionnaireAre you struggling to design a questionnaire for your research? Are you aware of the various parts of a questionnaire? Do not worry; we are here to help you.

There are ten basic steps to create a questionnaire that will be explained in detail in the paragraph below. The first step is to clearly write out a protocol as this step helps in familiarising with the literature and point out the objectives. The next step is to chart out a plan of analysis and this explains as to how the previous step has to be assessed and what the statistical analyses to be used are. Read more...


Primary and Secondary research

researchAre you confused about what are primary and secondary sources? Are you doubtful where to use which type of source? Do book an appointment with us at Express Dissertation!

Market research can be classified as either primary or secondary in nature and the former is the new or innovative research that is performed to answer certain research questions and it consists of questionnaires, interviews and surveys. Read more...