Saving Money and Reducing Expenses: A College Student’s woes

Saving-moneyAre you a student struggling to meet ends at college? Are you running out of funds and trying to save up money for your education expenses and your daily needs? Here’s a list of things you can try out to save some good amount of money. We, at Express Dissertation have a set of tips put together by our experts for students like you.

As the education costs continue to increase, the students and universities are searching for ways to reduce the expenses and save money by improving the education quality. Libraries can play a major role by improving the collection of books and lend more quality books to its students. We also have gathered a few Read more...


Tools that help Students to Improve their Grades

impove-gradesIn the previous blog we had discussed the tools that help in taking notes. Yes, we agree that in today’s competitive world every student is keen on improving their grades and also technology also has helped in by introducing applications to improve grades.

The following tools given below are the commonly used tools to improve grades:

Writing Essay:

Are you on the process of writing academic content? Well, this is the toughest aspect of passing out of college. One could never complete the high load of assignments and reviews with very tight deadlines. However, it is never too late with advancement in Read more...


Importance of Accountability Partner for completing your PhD

d61e4623f815012d_640_libraryAre you in need of an accountability partner? Are you aware of this concept or are you eager to know what they do?

To begin with, we understand the attitudes of students and we also agree with the times when student claim that they end up doing almost nothing in some days. Some of the days may drag for you or be of no interest to you to complete your work and your to-do list is the way it is and nothing has been ticked for completion. We agree that on some days some students complain that they are in deep agony because they feel they are all alone in this path of submitting a dissertation. Read more...


Importance of creating a writing schedule for PhD Completion

phdAre you completing your thesis anytime soon? Are you under pressure due to lack of time? If yes, you are not the only one experiencing this, this is a common problem among most students! This blog post would give you an insight to manage your time efficiently and to use it effectively to arrive at fruitful results.

The main reason as to why we suggest students to create a writing schedule is that it makes people know the value of time and helps them spend more time towards things that are important enough. One more benefit of this writing schedule is to aid in giving time for leisure too among the busy schedules of thesis completion. Although this method may seem primitive to most of the students, this is the best way one can plan their daily routine to help achieve better results. Read more...


Essential Tips to Complete a PhD

phdAre you planning to start your doctoral degree? Are you mentally ready to accept the stress involved in completing one? If yes, we, at Express Dissertation provide you some quick and vital tips to deal with this major step in life.

There are many tips that we offer to students who are interested in completing or joining their PhD course, however, out of which only three are majorly important. The first being, it is important for every student to set a deadline, that is one should not venture into this course unless one wants to complete this till the last step. So, in general when a student plans to complete his or her degree, he or she should know it takes a long time maybe 4 to 7 years. Read more...