Saving Money and Reducing Expenses: A College Student’s woes

Saving-moneyAre you a student struggling to meet ends at college? Are you running out of funds and trying to save up money for your education expenses and your daily needs? Here’s a list of things you can try out to save some good amount of money. We, at Express Dissertation have a set of tips put together by our experts for students like you.

As the education costs continue to increase, the students and universities are searching for ways to reduce the expenses and save money by improving the education quality. Libraries can play a major role by improving the collection of books and lend more quality books to its students. We also have gathered a few Read more...


Importance of Professional Editing

editorAre you in the process of writing and submitting your dissertation? Are you checking it for errors, spelling mistakes or grammar? Are you confident enough to submit your dissertation? If not, contact us at Express Dissertation for help with respect to professional editing services.

Importance of editing

Well, it is important for every student to nt only submit a thesis or a dissertation but also to submit it in a professional way with very minimal errors. However, in today’s fast world people do not check them sufficiently leading to negative marks. This in turn wanes the confidence of students. One of the major Read more...


Essential Tips to Complete a PhD

phdAre you planning to start your doctoral degree? Are you mentally ready to accept the stress involved in completing one? If yes, we, at Express Dissertation provide you some quick and vital tips to deal with this major step in life.

There are many tips that we offer to students who are interested in completing or joining their PhD course, however, out of which only three are majorly important. The first being, it is important for every student to set a deadline, that is one should not venture into this course unless one wants to complete this till the last step. So, in general when a student plans to complete his or her degree, he or she should know it takes a long time maybe 4 to 7 years. Read more...


Types of Professional Editing Services

Editing-ServicesAt Express Dissertation services, we offer various levels of editing which can be customized according to the needs of students. The common types of editing are basic copy editing, heavy copy editing, proofreading, writing and developmental editing. Read more...


Help to writing annotated bibliographies

annotatedAre you in the process of writing an annotated bibliography? Are you aware of what is to be included in this type of writing? Do not worry, we are here to guide you and give you the best.

When you order an annotated bibliography with us, it is compulsory to remember that these annotated bibliographies are very different from the other types of writing that are related to academic services. It is usually more than normal academic papers that you write every year or every semester as it has to analyse the sources that one uses in research.

As we are familiar with the challenges that the students face while writing a custom annotated bibliography, we are here to offer you help in this respect and because we have experienced people who Read more...


External and Internal Environmental Factors


There are two major types of factors in the business environment that impact the businesses such as internal and external environment factors. The internal factors affect the success and what the company operates. The external environment comprises of various factors that are external to the company and those which cannot be controlled. Managing these two set of factors is a challenging task and is the key to success. Read more...