Strategies to Bring back your Thesis and Career on track

Strategies-to-Bring-back-your-ThesisMany of the doctoral students struggle to get interview calls from good organisations just because they are not able to express their interest and talents through their resumes and cover letters. If one refuses to analyse the various career opportunities in graduate school, it will be highly challenging to promote oneself in job search. Read more...


How to stay sane through your thesis submission

thesis-submissionAre you someone who is enthusiastic about pursuing PhD, but are you trying to maintain your sanity through the course? Do not ponder too much; we are here to give you helpful tips that will help you keep calm through the research process.

One thing to be remembered is that the discipline you work doesn’t matter when it concerns anxiety disorder or depression. However, the major question is that why are most PhD students unhappy and dissatisfied in life. There are many factors that contribute to this and these are given in the section below. It is not actually a tough thing to bring a Read more...


Abstract writing Tips

abstract-writingWhat is an abstract? How important is your abstract to your thesis? How do you know whether you have written the right abstract?

Abstract in Latin means condensed form or the gist of a long form of writing. There are two types of abstract writing known as descriptive and informative abstracts. The type mainly relies on the area of interest one works in. The reason why we resort to abstracts is because in reports and long research papers, abstracts are usually written after the work is completed, however the abstract is the first piece of literature that everyone reads.