Tools that help students focus on work

key_software_toolsIn the previous two parts we had seen about the tools that help students for their research and note taking sessions. In this article we shall deal with a project tool and tools that can make students focused on their work.

How to work with Slack?

To begin with, we will look at the functions of the Slack tool. The primary goal of the Slack is to aid team members to share the work in the project. This online tool functions across barriers and there are two ways one can benefit from this tool. The first advantage Read more...


Importance of Accountability Partner for completing your PhD

d61e4623f815012d_640_libraryAre you in need of an accountability partner? Are you aware of this concept or are you eager to know what they do?

To begin with, we understand the attitudes of students and we also agree with the times when student claim that they end up doing almost nothing in some days. Some of the days may drag for you or be of no interest to you to complete your work and your to-do list is the way it is and nothing has been ticked for completion. We agree that on some days some students complain that they are in deep agony because they feel they are all alone in this path of submitting a dissertation. Read more...


Importance of Ratio analysis in Organisations

ratio-analysisDo you know how important is ratio analysis to any company? Are you trying to analyse the business strategies and planning on some new ventures? Then, you will need a ratio analysis to assess the company’s assets and shares. Why wait, when we are there to provide you our services.

The key factors that are needed to run a successful business are effective planning and financial management. Moreover, ratio analysis is vital to understand the various financial transactions, to understand the patterns over time and to gauge the overall financial state of the company. Read more...