Are you under Stress while doing your Doctoral Degree?

Stress-while-doing-your-Doctoral-DegreeWhat are the warning signs?

The pathway from a graduate to a doctoral degree holder is not a bed of milk and roses. The pursuit for a PhD is highly stressful but with a little bit of external motivation and support, one can sail through it smoothly.
There are a few physical impacts of stress on people and when these signs are ignored; it leads to dip in efficiency and productivity in both academic and personal lives.

However, stress is a common entity in lives of people and understanding its expressions is also important. The most common signs of stress that are never to be brushed away are a constant low feeling that one is not Read more...


Writing a Literature Review and Basic tips to be kept in Mind

Writing-a-literature-reviewThere are many ways in which one can write a literature review, however there are some valuable tips from us to make your life easier and if you haven’t studied a single paper yet.

Tips to Write a Literature Review:

The first and foremost tip is to choose a topic that suits your interest and a broad one to start with. However, most people tend to stick to a narrow field for their PhD, but it is advisable to understand the areas of studies that need to be explored. The next tip is to filter your search using your criteria from a million results that come up on Google, but a better way out is to consult a senior professor or a textbook. This will help in gaining knowledge on the subject and its feasibility. The next step is to identify the history behind the theory or concept and to understand how the concept had evolved over time. Read more...


How to Emotionally Support a PhD student?

support-for-phd-studentAre you someone who is doing a PhD? Are any of your family members, friends or someone known to you pursuing a doctorate degree? Everyone in today’s world knows the importance of a doctoral degree and how tough it is to complete it. Not only is it tough for the person but for people associated with them.

Tips to Support a PhD Student:

It is important never to ignore the rants and the issues that people narrate to others. It is always good to reassure them and let them know it is a phase that everyone passes through. However, this may seem very trivial, but it is better than ignoring their stressful talks. Read more...


How to Format a Dissertation Paper

dissertation-format-guidelinesAre you writing a paper to be submitted to the University? It is essential for you to remember certain points before you start and submit one. There are basically different formats of writing a paper, however it is important to understand what the instructor or the university norms are and what they look out for in your paper. The format of any paper details information on what and how exactly does your paper look like? The format of the paper usually clicks the first impression with the reader and passes the information on how sincere a person is in following the basic rules and norms. To start off, there are various rules of formatting styles that one may use according to the instructions given such as MLA, APA, ASA, Chicago, AP and AMA. Read more...


Plagiarism-Free Paper Writing

plagiarism_freeDealing With Plagiarism Issues:

We, at Express Dissertation take plagiarism as a very serious issue and tend to it with a severe approach that it truly deserves. It is important to remember that it is an offence to copy off others’ words or ideas or views and we take a conscious effort to eliminate it. It is essential that both the authors and the content owners take serious responsibility and efforts to minimize or completely avoid plagiarism for better quality writing. Read more...


Tips to Write Dissertation and Common Mistakes Observed

tips-for-dissertationIn the previous part we had seen the common tips given by our experts and a few researchers on how to deal with dissertation writing. In this part we will be seeing a few more tips on how to improve dissertation writing and certain obstacles in the path of writing.

Common Obstacles Observed:

The most commonly observed hurdle to writing is the attempt to avoid any negative feelings that may surface with as the writing process progresses. If a student tries to incorporate the writing process into his or her routine, it will be very easy to progress in the final stages instead of rambling over thousand papers in the final Read more...