Tips and attempts to Write PhD Thesis Drafts

cog-hints-and-tipsAre you pursuing your PhD? Are you on the process of writing PhD drafts? Are you stuck at some point? Or Are you tired of writing drafts?

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Understand your position and time:

We agree that submitting a PhD is a crucial event in your life but there will always be a lot of things to compile and understand before we write a draft. So, a few tips and guidelines to revise your thesis drafts to get you going are given below. Read more...


What is Signposting? Importance of Signposting in PhD and how to use it?

signpostsAre you told by professors to signpost your writing? Are you confused as to how to start with? Do not worry, we at Express Dissertation Services give you easy guidance on how to signpost your writing.

For every academic section, there are some conditions and criteria to write and these may be often known as styles of writing in journal writing that are adopted. One of these common practices is to signpost the writing, which means that it is not necessary to repeat the same thing over and over again to render the work monotonous.

For instance, when there is a content table or any abstract in the writing and if the flow of language is smooth and connects all the points, then there is absolutely no need to write it in detail or explain it again elsewhere. Read more...


Finding a Gap in the Literature

finding-gap-your-literature-reviewAre you planning to do your Doctoral Degree? Are you finding it challenging to identify a good topic that would be good for you research?

What is a Gap in Literature?

When you tend to finish a PhD, the most important thing expected out of you is to contribute some sort of information about some topic that hasn’t been referred in detail in earlier works. This indicates that one should learn to bridge the gap in literature or in short some topic that hasn’t been researched in any of the earlier literature. Read more...


Tips to Writing a PhD thesis: a Simple way to Success

the-way-to-successAre you writing a PhD Thesis? And, you do not know how and where to start from? Do not worry; we are here to help you at every stage!!

We agree that writing a thesis is no easy task and happens always in a hurry when the dates are approaching. However, with some simple and easy tips you can increase your efficiency and be successful. Read more...


Are you under Stress while doing your Doctoral Degree?

Stress-while-doing-your-Doctoral-DegreeWhat are the warning signs?

The pathway from a graduate to a doctoral degree holder is not a bed of milk and roses. The pursuit for a PhD is highly stressful but with a little bit of external motivation and support, one can sail through it smoothly.
There are a few physical impacts of stress on people and when these signs are ignored; it leads to dip in efficiency and productivity in both academic and personal lives.

However, stress is a common entity in lives of people and understanding its expressions is also important. The most common signs of stress that are never to be brushed away are a constant low feeling that one is not Read more...


Writing a Literature Review and Basic tips to be kept in Mind

Writing-a-literature-reviewThere are many ways in which one can write a literature review, however there are some valuable tips from us to make your life easier and if you haven’t studied a single paper yet.

Tips to Write a Literature Review:

The first and foremost tip is to choose a topic that suits your interest and a broad one to start with. However, most people tend to stick to a narrow field for their PhD, but it is advisable to understand the areas of studies that need to be explored. The next tip is to filter your search using your criteria from a million results that come up on Google, but a better way out is to consult a senior professor or a textbook. This will help in gaining knowledge on the subject and its feasibility. The next step is to identify the history behind the theory or concept and to understand how the concept had evolved over time. Read more...