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Service Guarantee

Service Guarantee

Service Guarantee

What differentiates us and makes us stand out from various other services is the assurance and surety that we give to research scholars with respect to all the services we provide. The content writing, editing and proofreading services all form together a complete package. We assure you that, with the required resources in hand, we shall provide you a flawless research paper.

The other services we provide, along with the writing and editing services, include proofreading services, with a 100% assurance to increase the value of your dissertation. When the document is presented to the evaluation committee after the proofreading procedure by the experts in our company, it is certain to score more and impress the committee than the original form. For every service provided by the company, there are some fundamental benefits that the client receives. We ensure that any academic work written by us contains content of high quality. However, the subject matter is pertinent to the topic chosen and given by the researcher to us. We assure you that we use the latest academic references for drafting the content and for other services. Also, the research methodology techniques we adopt is the most applicable and guarantees results as needed by the researcher.

To ensure our claim of surety, we perform plagiarism tests in writecheck and also provide you a plagiarism report. The match obtained usually on the software report is always below 10 per cent.

We always keep in mind the various priorities of the clients and schedule work accordingly. We believe and stick to our principle of delivering the documents on time. The work progress is constantly updated to the client. Our clients will receive updates regarding the deliveries within the committed timeframe. Hence, the client is informed about the progress of the project and can track the same with ease.

If the researcher or the client faces any problem with any section of the work, he/she can contact the writer or the editor of the work. We guarantee our clients expert advice and consultation through emails for any clarifications and explanations. Once the work is delivered, the client can request us for revisions and changes. The changes are performed according to the request of the researcher or evaluator. Please refer to our policies regarding revision for more details about the service.

In case of any urgent queries, the researcher or the client can send an email and the queries are more likely to be answered immediately or in one business day. We ensure that there is no lag between the client's request and the solution due to our efficient 24-hour email response service. The 24-hour email support facility will prove to be one of the greatest benefits for our clients. This all time email support facility is also available readily for any clients who wish to know more about us before availing our services.

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