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Research Methodology

Research Methodology

Research Methodology

Research methodology is normally referred to as the pursuit for knowledge. One can also define research as a methodological search for relevant information on a given topic. Research is an academic activity and the term should be used in a scientific way.

Goal of research:

The main goal of research is to find out the truth which is concealed and which has not been unearthed yet. The purpose of research is also to find out answers to questions by applying scientific procedures into the methods.

The various broad categories in research are basically to obtain familiarity with a new event or phenomenon and to attain new insights, to portray correctly the individual characteristics of an event, group or person and finally to understand the frequency at which things happen or with which it is related.

Types of research:

There are many types of research such as descriptive or analytical, quantitative or qualitative, applied or fundamental, empirical or conceptual.

Descriptive research mainly consists of surveys and fat-obtaining queries and its main goal is to define and describe the current state as it prevails. On the other hand, analytical research uses facts and data already existing to evaluate and conclude on a topic. Of all the types of research the other two most important types are quantitative and qualitative methods of research.

Quantitative research is based on the concept of gauging the amount present and it is used in things that are measured or expressed in terms of quantity. On the other hand, qualitative research is related to phenomena that involves quality and kind. Quantitative methods use data analysis to obtain answers and qualitative methods use surveys and questionnaires to arrive at conclusions.

What is research methodology?

The main goal of this research methodology is to give the main research design, how the data was gathered and how the samples were selected for the study. It also provides information on the data analysis and the validity testing of the data and the various ethical suggestions of the research.

Types of research approaches:

Creswell and Clark (2007) state that the research approaches of a study can be abductive, inductive and deductive. A deductive design evaluates the proofs that are based on theories and an inductive research design assesses the empirical proofs to identify a proposed theory. To satisfy both criteria, some of the studies use a combination of both known as the abductive approach.

Nature of data collection:

Saunders et al. (2011) points out that the data gathering can either be primary or secondary by nature. The process in which data is gathered from a primary source is known as primary data collection. On the other hand, secondary data collection is used to give information that is obtained from prevalent information. In the current research design, both types of data that are collected are beneficial.

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