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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

You are on the verge of submitting you research paper for evaluation and you have written your bibliography but haven't annotated it. This is a crucial step of writing a bibliography. We offer you our premium service of writing annotated bibliographies to suit your needs and research. We ensure you 100% error free annotations for every source.

What is an annotated bibliography?

An essential preparation required for any research project is to include annotated bibliography. Writing the annotations for a bibliography requires a detailed reading and analysis of the sources. This involves double checking the sources instead of merely collecting the required information. Annotated bibliographies at a professional level permits one to observe what has been done in the literature work and where the particular field or topic of research fits in. The best way to formulate a thesis is to consider a good research paper to be an argument. The main aim of research is to state and support a thesis. The toughest part of a research is, probably, developing a thesis that is arguable, engrossing, and current. Writing this type of an annotated bibliography will help the reader gain a good opinion on what the researcher is trying to say in the topic. Over a period of time, by studying and answering questions asked in various sources on a specific topic, people tend to observe the issues others argue about and help them develop an opinion.

The summary, brief form of the text and evaluation are together known as annotation. Hence, the summary or evaluation of every source is used is known as an annotated bibliography.

Some of the annotations just summarize the entire source. It mainly answers questions such as "what are the main arguments in the topic of interest?", or "what is the pivotal point of the article?" and "what are the topics or subjects covered in this book?" The depth of the summary is directly proportional to the length of your annotations. Assessing the annotations is done right after the summarizing the source. This is helpful in evaluation such as whether the source is useful or whether the information stated in the source is reliable or analyzing the goal of the source. Finally after the summarization and assessment, the main question is how the source firs into the research or whether source is useful and does it support your thesis. This step is known as reflecting.

What we do?
  • Work allotted to the client choice of writer
  • Writer provides the client with an example of the literature review framework for the research based on the general requirements of the client. (within 24 hours of project confirmation)
  • Approval by client along with suggested changes.
  • Our writers will provide you with an outline of the annotated bibliography after in-depth research. This process involves a suggested outline of the introduction, different articles, critical review , and conclusion (Within 48 hours of approval)
  • Approval by client along with suggested changes.
  • Completion of work.
  • Approval by client and associated feedback
  • Feedback incorporation and Work completion.

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