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Business Reports

Business Reports

Business Reports

What are business reports and why are they vital?

Business reports are needed by many disciplines such as finance, marketing, management and accounting too. Mostly, the type of assignment is a learning experience that requires you to apply the theories previously learnt into real-life situations; such as finance and accounting students may get a task to evaluate the financial data of a company and draft a report based on their analysis, some of the marketing students may get a task to brand a product and market them to the public, management students could be given a task to write the structure of a company and suggest enhancements in the management structure. A vital component of business studies is to learn how to report and analyse various strategies in marketing and management.

The type of question in the assignment will lead you to the type of information that should be present in the report and the steps you must follow in order to write the same. Some

Are all business reports the same?

Business reports will prominently vary with respect to the assignment question and the activity that they are required to answer. It is significant, but to be clear about the overall aim of the report is: is to inform people who read it, to draft a proposal or for problem solution.

Structure of a normal business report

The structure of a typical report and the role/contents of each section are given below clearly.

The structure of a report starts with a title page that consists of a report title, candidate's name, the date of submission. The next part is the executive summary that contains the gist of the subject matter, analytical methods, findings and suggestions and this is followed by the table of contents that includes the list of sections that are numbered serially in the report and their respective page numbers. The next section is known as the introduction that states the reference terms, the outline of the entire report; this section is followed by the body of the business report that contains the headings and sub-headings which shows the section contents and has more information of the methods of collecting data and the report findings etc. The final part of the report is the conclusion that portrays the vital inferences that can be obtained from the discussion of the topic with the available data.

There are additional components to a business report such as the reference list and the appendix that has information which will support the findings but it is not important to explain the same.

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