Written Assignment : 8 Steps of Writing an Assignment

assignment-writingHas your professor given you an assignment task and you don’t know how to write it! Do not worry we are there to give you guidance on the same.

Universities generally make their students write assignments as a part of their evaluation pattern and it usually is a part of their coursework. Assignments are considered more of an academic test and not a mere presentation of facts and information. There are basically about ten steps to write a good assignment report and these steps will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

The initial step is to choose an appropriate topic that suits the subject and something that you are comfortable writing about, the next step is to assess the efficiency of the topic and any issues that are related to the topic. The third step is to explore the Internet for more information and to use e-databases or journals for collecting information related to the topic. The next step is to assess and choose the best information that is pertinent to the main topic with relevant resources of information. The next step is to take notes from the information resources and to ensure all the parts of the primary issue are dealt with. The sixth step is to chart out an outline and it should comprise of introduction, content body and finally conclusion with extra tables on references and other footnotes. The next step is to arrange and assimilate the information obtained from various sources and write notes wherever relevant and the eighth step is to write the paper in a simple and precise way to convey the information easily to the reader. The penultimate step in writing an assignment is to review the content and check for errors in spelling, grammatical and whether the relevancy to the topic has been maintained. More than all this, one has to remember to submit the assignment before the deadline.

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