10 common errors made while writing assignments

errorHave you been given an assignment and you had scored really low? Are you stuck on the errors you had made on your assignment? Are you struggling to correct those errors?

To err is human, especially when it concerns essays and written assignments, students usually make numerous errors while writing essay or submitting assignments. This may in fact affect their marks and evaluation. However, it is actually easy to prevent and carefully avoid these errors. This actually requires good concentration and sufficient time. To start with the first of all the common errors committed are spelling, grammatical and formatting errors. Spelling mistakes may sound trivial; too many of it may affect the impression on the student.

The next error is the lack of independence in thoughts, as the students just copy the content from the Internet without making much changes and may add very little of the information they obtain from their study results. The third error is the lack of focus on the given topic. In this case, students generally tend to stray away from the main topic and focus on things that are not relevant to the assignment. The fourth error committed is the lack of proper structure in the assignment; this is because the lack of structure can render the assignment difficult to read and understand. The fifth error is to provide an explanation for arguments stated in the assignment. The next common error is incomplete or improper referencing as the students generally tend to forget references and using bad sources such as random articles from the Internet could put you into trouble. The penultimate error usually found in assignments is the tendency to change sizes of fonts and margins to satisfy the requirement for number of assignment pages. The final error that is commonly found in assignment writing is the tendency to forget to proofread the work and making silly mistakes that could have been avoided if proofread earlier.

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